440: Satisfaction - In depth
Early in my career as a disk jockey, while working my way through school in southeast Ohio, I was driving from Athens, Ohio, to my job in Charleston, West Virginia on the weekends. It was a long trip and one day I had pulled over by the side of the road along the Ohio River, near a construction zone, to sleep. When I woke up, I found that construction crew had rerouted the road they were paving around me, with me in the middle. Construction workers were amused when I smiled and drove off, and then they finished that piece of the road, too.

Some years later, I met Fay Wray when she had stopped by my office at the Empire State Building, for a lunch date with my boss, the general manager. Also met Guglielmo Marconi's great grandson, who had come to visit the Empire State Building, and see where his great grandfather had worked.


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