440: Satisfaction - In depth
There are millions stories, but one strong memory was on The Voice of Peace, which was a pirate radio station that broadcast to millions of Middle-Eastern listeners off the coast of Israel. It was just before Christmas 1975, in a force 10 storm, the ship MV Peace broke all its anchors and we almost ran aground just off Tel Aviv; it was a very scary moment hearing all the anchors snap and fighting gigantic waves.

Just after this, we had to go in to Haifa to make repairs and then sailed out and off to Akaba in Jordan on a Peace Mission to take sweets and toys to the children of Jordan from families in Israel and Europe. That single adventure alone would make a film it was packed with incidents and confrontations with military and diplomatic barriers along the Suez Canal and eventually at Akaba itself where we were nearly shot out iof the water by a Jordanian gunboat.

Also high on my list is working with many of Britain's top broadcasters at BBC Radio 2, which I believe is the most listened to radio station in the world.


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