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Bob Arthur's youngest son, James Prince, fills us in:

My father started his career after WWII in Peoria Illinois (call letters I do not know). There he won two Golden Mike awards, one for writing, the other for editing.

He then moved in the late 50's to Albuquerque, NM where he was Program Director of KOAT TV. From there, in 1963 he accepted a position at KNX, working with such personalities as Jerry Dumphy, Walter Cronkite, and was there until 1968 when he moved his talents to KABC Radio, doing what was called "The 4, 5, and 6", three news updates every day. In 1972 he was paired up with a disk jockey by the name of Ken Minyard as a type of "experiment" to see how the two would mesh. The show was dubbed "Newstalk" and lasted until the early eighties, and was then changed to "The Ken and Bob Company" The initials of which stood for "KABC".

The show was one of the most successful radio talk shows in Los Angeles history, never falling beyond #3 in the ratings, and more often #1.

He was awarded several California Gold Metals for his excellence in broadcasting as well as a Star on the "Hollywood Walk of Fame". He should have been awarded the" Marconi Award", as well as inducted into the Radio Hall of fame. That observation from his peers, not me.

James Prince


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