440: Satisfaction - In depth
Got out of radio in 1976, 1977, and 1978. Just when I thought I was out, they dragged me back in! Spent some weekends riding the satellites at WLIT/WKIX in Raleigh, NC starting in 1988, and got out of radio in 1989. For real. I mean it. Never again. Unless somebody makes me an offer I can't refuse.

Started writing computer software for businesses starting in 1988 in Raleigh, NC. From there moved to Richmond, VA, then to Chicago, IL. Took a six-year break starting in 2002 and wrote a couple of books (anybody want to publish some really good suspense/horror novels?), and went back to banging on computers. Relocated to Pittsburgh, PA in 2008, and I'm still here.

I dunno, but I really feel like I was fortunate enough to be on the air during one of radio's Golden Ages. Started out and ended doing Top 40, with a little country and easy listening thrown in along the way. Had the opportunity to work at one of the nations first alternative rock stations, WIST in Charlotte, NC in 1973 and 1974 under the tutelage of Dave Bell.

So, it's been one hell of a ride. Every once in a while when I hear a jock on the radio I'll think "I was a lot better than that dude" and wonder what it would be like to do it again ... but I don't think I ever will.

Charlie Okle in Pine Bluff, AR. Worked with him at KOTN, KPBA, and KCLA back when I was first starting out. If you know Charlie I don't have to say any more; if you don't, you wouldn't believe me anyway.

Had the opportunity to start my career working for Buddy Deane at KOTN in Pine Bluff, AR. Buddy was a true legend. Every once in a while I put on the original John Water's "Hairspray" DVD that Buddy had a bit part in.

Worked weekends for Larry Ryan at KEEL in Shreveport, LA. Larry is/was one of the greatest morning men ever; I learned a lot from him. Others who really helped me hone my craft were Jerry Clegg and George Brown at WRPL in Charlotte. I believe that it was those two who really turned me into a pro. Allen Sprinkle was there with us; that dude was a total trip!

I had the opportunity to interview everybody from Johnny Cash to KISS, with a lot of other greats thrown in. Some of them were really good folks, some of them were ... well, if you're in the game you know.

And let me just say "thank you" to a lot of people who were part of some really great and rewarding years.


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