440: Satisfaction - In depth
1. WDLP, Panama City, FL; 1963: Position - DJ, mid day; name used - Ray Farrell

2. KMBY, Monterey, CA; 1963 - 1965: As night jock using the name, "Radio Ray" Farrell

3. KKIS, Pittsburg, CA, from approx 1965 to 1967: Mornings, mid day, as "Captain Turntable," Radio Ray Farrell

4. First Drake-consulted station: KYNO, in Fresno. CA: as 1968 began. I was sent "to school," as Mr. Drake referred to KYNO; as night jock, Johnny Scott.

5. Next, KGB, in San Diego, CA: I worked there twice begining in 1968, returning in Fall of '73. I used the name Bobby Ocean and assumed Production and Image duties.

6. KCBQ, San Diego (Santee, CA): The other station I worked while down south. 1971, for a halk a year, during which time we soared to number one ratings. In addition to mid-day DJ duties as Bobby Ocean, I was in charge of station Image.

7. KFRC, San Francisco: Arrived in 1973, and worked off and on, hired and either fired or left for another offer --eight different times over the years-- through 2004. Often as DJ and promotion voice, sometimes Image Voice only, always as Bobby Ocean.

8. KHJ, Los Angeles; 1975 - 1980: On the air as Bobby Ocean; also station's Image Voice.

9. KWST, Los Angeles: 1980 - 1981: DJ, Image Voice, using name, Bobby Ocean.

10. KIOI (K-101), San Francisco, CA; 1981 - 1982: Morning DJ for about 10 months, rated number one. Also did some Image Voice work and used the name, Bobby Ocean.

11. KYUU-FM (NBC), San Francisco; 1985 - 1986: As Bobby Ocean, this is one of the gigs I was offered during a time out from KFRC. Started as fill-in, but they put me in mid days permanently.

12. KOIT-FM and HD-1, San Francisco; 2005-present: I'm a part timer at this number-one rated light Rock station, doing all shifts - from mornings, mid days and nights to weekends.

What am I doing now (Dec 2008)?
Having stuck with my youthful choice to be an all-California jock after over 5 decades, I'm winding down now, less DJ stuff, more voice image work. Still living in Northern California about 25 minutes north of San Francisco. Known as one of the few Boss Jocks that worked all four of the Golden State's Drake consulted stations (KYNO, KGB, KFRC and KHJ). Formed own Broadcast Image Voice and Production company over 30 years ago, still thriving. Found most satisfaction as Station Spokesman, telling a station or person's story, helping others get their act refined.


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