440: Satisfaction - In depth
My favorite radio memories include being part of a classic radio war between KDWB and WLOL in Minneapolis. Under the direction of super-programmer, Brian Philips, (Now President and CEO of Country Music Television) KDWB prevailed! Working with the likes of Steve Cochran, Hollywood Henderson, Spyder Harrison, and Cadillac Jack (now Human Numan at Sirius/XM) was a dream!

In 1995, I became the first American ever to host a morning show in London, England. After a successful two-year stint hosting the breakfast show on KISS 100, government officials forcibly removed me in the middle of my show after an extension of my work permit was denied by Her Majesty. (Get the full story on YouTube) Even listener protests at 10 Downing Street were not enough to keep me in the U.K. I am now off the Interpol threat list and free to visit for short periods of time.


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