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(Feb 2007) Honestly, I could write a book. But I won't - because I don't want to end up in court. Since 2002 I've hosted a syndicated all-night country show for Jones Radio Networks in Seattle WA. It's ingeniously called "Danny Wright All Night." The affiliate count has been as high as 115 or so and right now is about 100. Syndication is a lot different than "regular" radio - affiliates can come and go and it gets a bit strange. The show with Jones is seriously the hardest I've ever worked but it is truly fun. There's a bunch of creative freedom and I work with good people. This is my third time living in Seattle. The first time was pre-radio when I played in rock bands. The second time was my KMJK-KJR days. And number 3 has been with Jones.

This is a beautiful, very cool area. I consider Cleveland my home town and miss it dearly. After all, few radio guys can survive 16 years in one market. I made a lot of friends. But Seattle feels very homey as well. It was cool to move back here with a wife and a little boy and kind of know my way around. And I hooked up with a few old friends who go waaaaay back.

I have some other interests like writing and riding my motorcycle. But this job takes a huge chunk of time. My commute each day is four hours so it's already a challenge without working a lick. But it's worth it for where we live. We have some land in one of the most beautiful parts of America. Last year we bought an RV and took a few trips with more to look forward to when the weather turns nice.

One great thing about the syndicated show is hearing from folks literally across America and even international listeners. I've become friends with a guy in Morocco and exchange emails with service people stationed overseas. Hearing from long-lost friends is really a good thing. I miss the close contact with a local audience but I really do like what I do and hope to keep the show up and running for the years ahead. Age isn't as big of a deal with country so maybe I'll be able to do this until I get carted out of the control room!


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