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When it comes to selecting a Sports imaging voice, there are perhaps none more appropriate than mine. With over 20 years experience as the power voice for such worldwide networks as Fox Sports and ESPN, my voice lends instant credibility to any sports project.

National spots for:
Ford, Cadillac, BestBuy, Target, Leggo's, Power Rangers Toys, Callaway Golf, Verizon Wireless, GMC Trucks, and scores of others.

Movie Trailers for:
Pirates of the Caribbean - At World's End, Lord of the Rings Two Towers, Spiderman 3, Luther, The Ninth Gate, and dozens others.

National TV promos for:
FOX, CBS, ABC, NBC, ESPN, Discovery Channel, The Weather Channel, FOX News, TLC, Spike, G4, and FX.

Long form TV programming:
America's Most Wanted, The History Channel, Fox Sports Beyond the Glory, NHL Films, NBA Films

PLUS ... thousands of other local and regional productions from 1977 to the present.

I am an accomplished computer applications designer and programmer; I can lend a high degree of instant credibility to any industrial presentation involving IT-related copy.

And I'm an accomplished trader of the markets. Here, too, I can lend a high degree of credibility to any copy pertaining to financial and compliance information.


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