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Dave fills us in:

I also worked at K-EARTH (fill-in) for 3 yrs in the mid-1990s. Also, through the 1980s 'til present I've always worked as a TV/film actor and voice-over actor. For 18 years (1980-1998) I taught one of LA's longest running on-going weekly voice-over workshops. In the Fall of 1998 I stopped the VO workshops to devote more time to my VO work and the industry's only voice-over publication, The Voice Over Resource Guide, which premiered Oct 1998 -- later we added VoiceOverResourceGuide.com.

Ancillary to my VO work, I own, with my partner and wife Terri, one of the hottest audio post production facilities in Los Angeles with 3 Studios + ADR, 7 Foley pits and DVD/CD duplication. We have a graphic design division for DVD/CD Packaging and Web site design and build-out. Stop by Dave & Dave Recording Studios anytime. I may join you in our 'Cafe Dave'. I can be reached at the studios most days, 818.508.7578. Check us out at everythingVO.com and/or DaveSebastianWilliams.com.

Of all my years in radio (1968-1997), I'm most proud to have been part of the fabled Boss Radio 93/KHJ. I look back to KEZY and Ten-Q as being the most crazy fun. The most memorable was KRTH 101 because of the late icons Robert W. Morgan and The Real Don Steele. I also loved handing it off each afternoon to Don when we both humped the cart machines at Ten-Q a few years earlier.


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