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The best part of my 40-plus years: just being behind the mic! If you're listed here, you know exactly what I mean.

*Playing early rock, 60s MOR, then Country, it was a thrill to key the mic for over 40 years, especially after working in the mailroom at ABC and watching HOA, Charlie Greer, Big Dan, Cousin Brucie, Bob Aloo, etc. work.

*MCing shows and meeting performers such as Rick Nelson, Del Shannon, Jerry Lee Lewis, Waylon Jennings, Charley Pride, Barbara Mandrell, Alabama, Lee Greenwood, George Jones, Garth Brooks...

*Getting swept up in the "whirlwind" that was Miss Audrey (Williams) and having her cook breakfast for Charlie Rich and a couple more of us country radio types at her home in Nashville.

*Having dinner with Ed & Patsy Bruce (& RCA rep, Gaylen Adams) at the Adams Mark Hotel in Charlotte, then kicking back to listen to him sing blues and rock, accompanied by Charley Pride's ex-piano player -- til one of the people who abandoned the nearby lounge and had pulled up a chair in the now-closed restaurant said, "You have such a great voice I bet you could sing my favorite Country song, Mamas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys." What a great look on her face when I told her it was Ed Bruce she was listening to and he and his wife wrote the song!

But, really, as with all of you, I bet, it was the other radio guys and gals who made our time in broadcasting what it was (and IS). In my case: Cable Spence, Pat Parson, Joe Reilly, Don Nutting, Hap Pate, Johnny Jacobs, T. Tommy Stone, Jim Howie, Jay Marvin, Deannie Maxwell, Cloyd Bookout, Bob Tibbitts, Bob Grayson, Bill Dollar, Bill Ellis, Bob Brandon, Billy Buck Blevins, Rita Kelly, Karen Maguire, Paul Johnson ... and techs/engineers like Bobo, Ralph, Scottie, Ted, and Jeff W. And SO many more."


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