440: Satisfaction - In depth
While covering a news conference for WKDA-WKDF (Nashville), I almost was punched by the former Tennesse Governor H. Ray Blanton. He later wrote me a wonderful letter of recommendation.

I almost was fired the first day of WKDA/WKDF. I was sent out to cover a bank robbery and was supposed to just be gone for about an hour. I was gone for over four hours. A very nice Nashville police officer, realizing I was a rookie reporter, took me to two other top news stories and provided us with several exclusives.

I became the "Broadcaster of the Year" in 1976 at WNAZ-FM, the radio station owned and operated by my college, Trevecca Nazarene Univeristy.

At WRFD, the radio station was so broke the mic came apart and broke during a live newscast. Another time, the chair I was sitting on fell apart sending me crashing to the floor.

See NEWS STORY CHANGED ONE RADIO REPORTER (Cincinnati Post, 5/14/1990).

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