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Jaynie Jones (aka Jaynie Dillon) fill us in:

An array of eclectic interests and passions have fueled my entrepeneurial adventures over the years: after designing the curriculum for the Broadcast Journalism program at Green River Community College, I was privileged to teach the classes for nearly ten years.

With a strong interest in science and medicine, I formed a medical transcription service for hospitals, clinics and doctors' offices in the early 1990s and continue to provide this service today, which is facilitated now with digital dictation and transmission of both the dictation and the transcription.

In 1994, my husband and I opened a retail floral and gift boutique "Love Me Now Floral Design" in the Historic District of Steilacoom, WA, near Chambers Bay on Puget Sound. I served two terms as a board member for the Chamber of Commerce, and as a member of the Society of American Florists (SAF), Teleflora and Redbook our business flourished and we launched three e-commerce sites. We specialized in high-end, exotic floral designs for weddings, conventions, trade shows and other special event planning.

I also have a successful eBay business and enjoy the global community of friends that have emerged as a fringe benefit of the auction sales.

Since October of 2001, my greatest joy and personal satisfaction come from sharing the advances in good health through nutritional supplements and the latest developments in immune system support. I'm proud to be an independent distributor for Shaklee and to help others on the road to better health with not only the supplements, but now also air purification and water filtration systems, plus anti-aging skin care, cosmetics, hair care, and the first and best in eco-friendly home care products. I invite you to shop my personal Web site: shaklee.net/jaynie and join my group as it continues to grow. It's the best investment you can make in your health.

And she remembers:

When my show (The Overnight Club with Jaynie Dillon) aired on KOMO AM1000, from Seattle, that 50,000 watt signal spanned 14 states and western Canadian provinces. Callers were invited to join The Overnight Club and receive my quarterly newsletters.

Lucky Beal was a construction worker who resided in Ukiah, California. He played in a country band by night and after-hours, he and his buddies would play cards while listening to The Overnight Club. Occasionally, he'd call in.

I'd spoken on-the-air at some time about my lifelong love of horses.

One day while driving through the California countryside, Lucky spotted a little palomino filly and on impulse bought her, naming her after me -- "Jaynie" -- although her registered name was Anniversary Wind. He called me and said that "someday" (no time soon) he would "give" me her first foal.

I appreciated his good heart and good intentions, but I never expected that to become a reality. After all, I had an uncle in North Dakota who was a rancher and had promised me a horse all my life, but that had never happened, so I couldn't imagine that a stranger a thousand miles away would actually keep such a promise.

Awhile later, Lucky took "Jaynie" and moved to a new construction jobsite outside of Dallas, Texas. On his way there, he stopped for a few days in New Mexico where he boarded his horse while he was visiting a relative.

Lo and behold, a stallion standing at stud at a nearby horse ranch escaped and got "Jaynie" pregnant. That horse was a descendant of Man o' War and a $10,000.00 stud fee would have been required had the breeding been arranged, but since it came about with no contractual agreement, there was no fee. (Back then, the rule of thumb was that a foal's value could be as much as three times the stud fee, i.e. $30,000.00)

When Lucky got to Dallas he called me at KOMO (back in Seattle -- even when he could no longer pick up the 50KW signal in Texas) and told me about the colt that was on the way and that even though he had moved out of range of KOMO's mighty signal, he still intended to honor his original pledge and give me his horse's first foal.

And he did.

He not only gave me the foal, named WarWind, but he shipped both "Jaynie" and WarWind to Seattle -- at his expense -- and let me keep both of them until WarWind was weaned, then he paid for the shipping of "Jaynie" back to Texas, and I got to keep my little Black Stallion, the horse of my dreams -- WarWind -- an honest-to-goodness, real, live, great-great-great-great (you get the idea) grandson of Man o' War.

No strings attached. A promise made. A promise kept...


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