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I am living in one of the most beautiful areas in the nation -- Charlotte NC! I moved here after working part time in radio for several years and getting involved with GTE (the telephone company that merged with Bell Atlantic and became Verizon). I was working a call center in Wentzville, MO after moving back to St. Louis from a year long - "weekends" stint in Oklahoma City, OK at KMGL (Magic 104.1).

During my stay at GTE, I had the opportunity to work with DIRECTV testing an interface to their billing/authorization system. They wound up offering me a full time "Sr. Business Systems Analyst" position in Charlotte, NC...where I built my first home within the first year of living here. I found that I couldn't stay off the air for very long, so after being here only 6 months, I landed a permanent part time weekend postion at WLNK (107.9 the LINK), where I was a weekend fixture for 5 years. After about 5 years, I began to realize that I didn't want to work full time at my "real job" and every weekend on the air. I wanted more of my weekends for traveling, camping and going to the mountains and the beach in this beautiful state. So I turned in my notice at WNLK in November 2004.

Currently, I am working as a Senior Business Systems Analyst for HSBC Bank as a Software Test Engineer testing and supporting upgrades and enhancements to mortgage software for our Mortgage Services Division at HSBC. IT's been a very rewarding career, although I do miss radio and being on the air! You know how it gets in your blood at a very young age! general: I hope to make contact with other people I've had the chance to work with over the years at many different radio stations...especially stations in my home town of St. Louis, where I grew up listening to some of the greatest personalities radio EVER had! I hope to hear from anyone who might remember little old me.


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