440: Satisfaction - In depth
My favorite years in the biz were the WOWO/WIOE years. Actually that's what got me here. I was looking to contact my old boss and mentor Chris Witting. Whenever anyone asks me about radio I talk about WOWO.
Chris was the best manager I have ever worked with in any field and his successor, Chris Roberts, is one of the best people in every respect I have known.

The list of air-talent at WOWO was incredible: Bob Severs, Jack Underwood, Chris Roberts, Ron Gregory, Paul Ellis, Bob Chase, Sam DeVincent, Dugan Fry and many others.

And then Chris Roberts had this idea for a commercial free radio station and WIOE was born. I had a blast being the voice of Johnny Newtron with Johnny's side kick Renaldo voiced by Jim Reed and the short lived TV show we hosted was a hoot too.


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