440: Satisfaction - In depth
My kids and grandkids live in Washington, so I stay in the Portland, Oregon area to be close, but not too close. I listen to the radio a lot; it sure is a different world now than it was back in "the day". I do temp merchandising work to stay active, but mostly fuss with my vinyl collection and visit the family. I am so grateful to have worked in radio back when I did, and for the many precious memories it has given me.

My favorite stories are always about the many wonderful celebrities and recording stars I met over the years in the biz; to name-drop just a few: Bill Haley, Johnny Cash, Smothers Brothers, Liberace, Jack Benny, Jimmy Durante, Tex Ritter, Waylon & Willie, Ann Blythe, Glen Campbell, Everly Brothers, and many more. Don McKinnon of KFWB was the best on-air talent I ever heard, and Wolfman Jack was the most dynamic."


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