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I most fondly remember wandering the Minnesota State Fair when I was working with Steve Hatley, Andy Barber, Chuck Knapp, and Tom "Catman" Barnard and Barber harrassing people asking them if they wanted to "dogstyle at the fair."

Somehow the word "corny dog" lost the allure most others have for it after that.

I've been to several mountaintops and I'm still walking around in hiking boots that look like new. It's just that I've become a better climber.

I'd like to find some old friends like Barber, Barnard, Knapp, Jim Channel (the wildest of the whole bunch-- it's amazing how he worked into management) and MG Kelly out in LA. We all fell out of touch, but our story lives on with all of us. Also looking for Paul Pastiak (Tom Rivers) from WQXI in Atlanta.

They'll find me married and living in the OKC area.

I've been a music producer (jingles), advertising exec, writer, director and producer of TV commercials as well as radio and print.

I spent 7 years as Vice President to Bill Meeks (PAMS founder) in an advertising agency he owned. A couple years in Houston in ad game before hanging out my own shingle. Specialize in TV Production and radio station marketing. I am producing spots for various DFW retailers. Have also appeared on several regional and national spots. Still do over 50 different voices as a voice talent when called on.

I love the biz...

(Feb 1, 2017 add)
So many people I miss over the years. Jaan McCoy passed recently. I fondly remember Jaan. We were fellow New Yawkahs.

He was owner and PD of KAAM in Dallas and we were winning huge at the time. I was PM Drive. He was mornings.

He would call me in and start to kvetch about something. I'd say, "Wait. Come into my office." We'd go into the production room, I'd lock the door, we'd scream at each other for ten minutes.

He would ALWAYS ALWAYS, calm down and say, "I'm starved. Let's go get some Greek. I'm buying" And we'd go to this wonderful Greek place the station had as a client and mange. We'd talk a couple hours--laugh and laugh, I'd come back and do my show. I miss our arguments.


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