440: Satisfaction - In depth
I was bit by the broadcast-radio bug at the tender age of 7. I would run about the house interviewing the cats and uninterested relatives with a spoon for a mic, who would humor me, and of course inanimate objects like sofas, chairs, etc. I would call talk shows like KFI's Charlie Fox when he was talking about sex. With a still cracking sounding voice he razzed me about my age and the last comment he said was," Mark, get a little puberty on ya' and call back then!"

Then for Christmas at age 15 or so, I was given a "Mr. Microphone" and set out to interview the world..or.at least the city of Garden Grove, Ca, where Steve Martin grew up and went to school, and where Elvis Presley use to come to hide out for weeks at a time.

Finally, at age 19 fresh outta' high school I heard this radio station (KYMS-FM) doing a live broadcast at my church so I decided to go check it out. When I got there a guy (Bill Ewing) was standing at the microphone in the middle of the small fireside room (overflow room), and a guy in a suit off to the left. I went over to the suited dude and said I have always been fascinated with radio and thought this was amazing how they can put this on radio without being at the station. He was amazed at my interest.

Well after 20 minutes or so of this chatter, I said I would love to do this for the rest of my life! So the well dressed man looked down at me and smiled.. and said, "Really? let me introduce myself. My name is Paul Toberty. I own this station." I almost pooped my pants! I was now facing what later would be called destiny. I was invited to the station to do what they call "Intern" and the rest is history.

Years later I am still in love with this mysterious mistress called broadcasting. The pay leaves a guy wanting sometimes, but the benefits are awesome.

My Favorites & mentors: Charlie Tuna, Charlie Fox, Eng. Tom Koza, Casey Hays, Craig Powers, Jimmy Stuart, John Stamos, Strawberry Jan Turnbull and my dad.


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