440: Satisfaction - In depth
I worked at WYEP in the mid to late 1970s presenting under the name John Huntley-Marshall and later my real name Mal Reding. I presented two shows, Over The Blue Horizon and Le Claire Lumiere.

They were happy days. The steelers won the Super Bowl three times and Jimmy Roach was programme director and morning show host at DVE before being muscled out during a strike. In fact he tried to hire me at the time but things didn't work out and a work permit was never granted. I ended up producing and presenting a syndicated radio show, Over the Blue Horizon at DVE and WSHH before moving to Philly, (WIOQ, WYSP and WMMR). In 1979 I returned to the UK where I became a presenter on LBC (London Broadcasting) and in 1985 a correspondent for the NBC's The Source young-adult radio network/feeds where I remained until 1997.

I remember covering Live Aid and watched the entire lineup of performers rehearse Do They Know Its Christmas by candlelight when the power failed at Wembley Stadium in London.

I got to interview George, Paul and Ringo but sadly not John, but I did have the same lawyer as John.


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