440: Satisfaction - In depth
Paul remembers:

After 30+ years in broadcasting, mostly as a part-time DJ working my way up to regular shifts on 3 local stations, there was that nasty little "incident" with a newly installed telephone recording system. A rather personal call provided the background for a Reba McIntyre song while working the country station. Apparently the GM, often referred to as "The Terminator" for a large broadcasting chain, never made a mistake during his radio career. Now I make a LOT more money in the Information Technology field. Sometimes I miss radio but other times I don't .. usually on payday!

My career was a long and wonderful opportunity! Pleasant memories of when radio was run by people - not computers and consultants! The greatest rewards were working with some of the top people in their field such as Sonny Melendrez, Harley Drew, Bruce Stevens, Buddy Carr, Rob Collins, the late Dick Shannon, Jill (Kelly) & Charlie (James), John Lynn (both Sr. and Jr.) and so many others...

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