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Thank You from Lee Allen (Feb 04, 2007)
Perry AllenI'd like to thank everyone for the kind words you have sent my way over the past few days. As is predictable for me, my Dad's passing is sinking in slowly. Your warm thoughts and memories have been comforting and have brought a smile to my face.

My parents were divorced when I was 4, in 1969. I would talk with Dad every week (on Sunday nights, if I recall). Up until I was in junior high school, my brother and I would spend Summer vacations out in California with Dad. He was so excited to have us to himself! I have particularly fond memories of going to work with him when he was at KDEO and KFMB. We would get up so early in the morning and go to the station. Dad always introduced us to EVERYONE. He would put us on the air, which I thought was the coolest. He never hustled us out of the studio. We knew to be quiet when the mic was open and he would play with us during records or the news. I never felt like a burden or something that had to be dealt with. He was proud to have us there and loved us very much.

As I moved into adult life (whatever THAT means!), I enjoyed talking with Dad about almost anything. The combination of his intellect and sharp wit made him so interesting to talk with. I think about how discourse in general today is so divisive and abrasive. Agreeing and disagreeing with my Dad were the same. Challenging. And fun. The world needs more of that, doesn't it?

My apologies for sending a relatively impersonal group e-mail. I did want to get something out today and will look forward to more personal communication down the road a little bit.

Consistent with my Dad's wishes, he has been cremated and we will be having a private service.

Again, many thanks for your thoughts.

Take care,
Lee Allen


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