440: Satisfaction - In depth
Paul Bicknell aka Davy Jones remembers::
There are so many stories. One of my finest is as a babysitter for Crosby, Stills and Nash while they were performing in DC. I took them back to their hotel where they proceeded to get 'slammed'.

Suddenly Steven (Stills) shouted, "I can fly." With that they bolted from the room and went to the roof of the hotel. Steven stood at the edge of the roof and proclaimed, "I can fly." I was pissin' my pants. David (Crosby) was standing beside me. Suddenly I said, "He can't fly." David asked, "Why?" I said, "He has no night lights!" David shouted at Steven, "Hey, you can't fly. You don't have night lights!" Steven yelled, "Oh my God." and bolted for the door. David joined him and they left me stranded on the roof for over two hours.

They finally came up, unlocked the door, and laughed all the way back to their room. What a night...


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