440: Satisfaction - In depth
I do a lot of voice work for Christian ministries, including Faithlift, which is broadcast on 30 European TV networks and am so blessed to be doing what I've loved since I was in high school.

The most ironic thing for me is that I seriously got into the business after the revamped Moody Blues hit the music scene. It was the first time I realized just where rock and roll could go and the 'job' never stopped being fun for me. Over the years I've had a dozen opportunities to meet the band, especially Justin Hayward, but have been thwarted every time. I've interviewed Justin and John Lodge several times by phone so they do know how their music has taken me on this long and marvelous career path. But that's it. And, after all these years, my husband isn't afraid to have me meet them anymore. HA!.


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