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New York Daily News--March 16,2010
City Radio Icon Ron Lundy Dies
by David Hinckley

Ron Lundy one of the warmest voices in New York radio history over three decades at WABC and WCBS-FM died yesterday at a Mississippi hospital. He was 75.

Lundy arrived at WABC in 1965, when it was the defining Top 40 radio station in the country. He joined Dan Ingram, his friend from St.Louis radio. He still had more than a trace of a Southern accent, but he turned that into an asset with a friendly, easygoing style and simple tag lines like, "This is Ron Lundy from the greatest city in the world!"

That signature, heard in the 1969 movie "Midnight Cowboy," was known almost everywhere in the city.

Ray Rossi, now on WKXW (101.5 FM), remembered on the New York Radio Message Board last night how "Manhattan Beach never sounded better in the summer of 1967 than when Ron was on, and chime time was blaring from every radio."

Lundy is survived by his wife Shirley and their children.

fwphillips@worldnet.att.net reports: "Ron retired in November, 1997 from WCBS-FM in NYC after 38 years in the business. Famous for greeting "Hello luv", a fixture at WABC in it's music days and when WABC went talk, moved his act to WCBS-FM. A real pro in every respect, and my all-time favorite NYC jock!"

paulzord@megsinet.net remembers: "I was born and raised in Dubuque, Iowa which was in the middle of nowhere for listening to rock and roll in the 1960's. One of my favorite memories of camping with the Boy Scouts was listening to Ron Lundy late at night in the tent at summer camp on 'Won - der - ful W-I-L!!!!!!!!!' My dormitory-style singing began with "Alley-Oop" [which seemed to be played at least every 30 minutes that summer]. I later perfected the vocal prowess in Iowa City, Iowa where I was a jock at the then campus radio station KWAD {do NOT say K-WAD!!!!} to the strains of "Louie, Louie". Thanx for the memories..."


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