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Between 1974 and 1999, I developed, then operated, two award-winning radio networks which supplied news and public affairs to affiliates in Florida and Washington State.

Over the course of my career, I have covered such memorable trials as those of Charles Manson and Kennedy Assassination figure, Clay Shaw.

Perhaps more importantly though, I have had the opportunity to work with such radio greats as Roy Eaton, J. Paul Huddleston, Art Kevin, Joe Holstead, Bruce Hughes, Bob Richmond, Sam Lee, Ron (Jenkins) McAlister, Gary McKenzie, Gary Loving, Derek Shannon, Bobby Hart, Art (Winkler) Snow, Jim Swiler, and numerous others who made up the affiliate list of the Farm Bureau Radio Network, FBN, broadcasting out of Washington State.

Several out-of-the-ordinary experiences: Getting tear-gassed by Los Angeles sheriff deputies during the Whittier Blvd riots of 1971 the day a well-known Hispanic activist was killed by a police tear gas grenade. I was working at the time for Lyle Kilgore at KHJ. A visit to WXLO New York to PD Jerry Clifton by John Lennon. Having Charles Manson stare me down during his Tate/LaBianca murder trial. Covering the Kennedy Assassination Conspiracy trial in New Orleans. Finally, getting sued for 5.5 million dollars for libel and slander, but winning the case in a Louisiana Congressional election fraud expose.


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