440: Satisfaction - In depth
(August 2015)
I am still in Tulsa Oklahoma, not in the business anymore. I take care of my husband Dan Cochran, and my 2 cats. I still LOVE music, and always will. It is my escape from reality and mood adjuster.

I am a petite brunette. Once, I was broadcasting live at the fair and a listener came up and asked for Scary Mary. I said, "Hi, I am Scary Mary." He said, "Gee, you sound taller!" With all of the compression and EQ they have on our voices, I sound like I am 6 ft tall and blonde.


One thing you only do once in radio is lock yourself out of the studio. I did this one night (I worked overnight at KMOD). This was back when we were playing records. After I left the restroom which was out in the hallway, not in the radio station, I realized that I neglected to pick up my keys. Totally freaking out, I ran to my car and drove to the nearest convenience store and called my friend Theresa DeVito, who also worked there. I said, "Theresa, get here now! I am locked out of the station."

Meanwhile I am sitting in my car listening to the record come to an end, then starts the sound of the needle circling the last groove over and over and over. She sped down there, hair still in curlers with her PJ's on and unlocked the door. The first thing you look at when something like that happens is the hot line to see if your boss knows. Luckily it wasn't flashing, but every other line was. I picked up the first call and heard, "Your God damn record's over!"


One time at KMOD during my overnight shift, I got a call from Paul Hackman of Helix. The band was in transit to their next gig and the tour bus had broken down on the turnpike at the Bristow, Oklahoma exit. They had previously done an interview with me and Theresa DeVito at the station last time they were in town, so KMOD was the only place locally they could call where they had friends.

I woke my husband up and asked him to go to the bus and help them. He went and picked up the drive shaft from the bus and Paul Hackman and Greg "Fritz" Hinz and brought them to the station. He then dropped off the drive shaft to be fixed. Paul and Fritz and I played music and did interviews for several hours, and announced where the bus was broken down. The other band members were out riding their bikes around and having their own party with fans who were listening to the radio out by the bus while we were having ours at the station. All was well with the bus after a while and they took off for their distination. When Helix did the "Road Warriors" part of "Metalshop" they talked about that night. It was a really fun night I will never forget. They are very nice guys. Unfortunately, Paul was killed in a tour bus accident in 1992. I will never forget that night as well as the first interview I did with them after the Scorpions / Helix concert in Tulsa. Great guys. Miss you. a


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