440: Satisfaction - In depth
I'm not sure where to start in response to 'What's it all about?' There are so many aspects of radio that we loved back when we got into this business. What radio is about today, for us oldtimers (and I can't believe I am calling myself that), is nothing near what it was when we got inspired to be in this business.

I have to think listeners accept less quality because they live in the moment. Percentage-wise, fewer people care about a station than they used to due to the fragmentation of the radio marketplace. It's not just the abundance of move-ins to markets and owner consolidation. It's the Internet, satellite radio; even our good old analog stations are fragmenting their main channel/product/brand by promoting their HD-2 secondary channels. To quote an Pogo old cartoon strip, "We met the enemy and he is us." (Us being our industry.)

We use to be glad to score double-digit ratings and now it's rare to see a station getting a 5 share in the larger markets.


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