440: Satisfaction - In depth
I was born and raised in St. Louis MO. I started as a guitarist and singer; by the time I was 12 years old, was playing for audiences. The onstage entertaining evolved into mixing in clubs by the time I was 17 years old.

My first Club was on U.S.19 & Gulf To Bay Blvd. in Clearwater FL. Studio 19, and then as most club Deejays get to do, I started on the circuit: Mark Twain, 49th Street Mining Co., Confetti (Tampa & Ft. Lauderdale), London Victory Club, Baja Beach Club, Cuda Bay Club - Orlando FL., City Lights, Greenstreets, the Reunion room, Makos Plus, Club XS, The Krush, The Turtle Club, 1509, Marz, Various Raves and Late Night "Events" (using my underground name... last name -AKA "The Priest") Makos (Clearwater 1 & 2, Carrolwood 1 &2, & the Big one in Downtown Tampa). The "Live" mixshows for 933FLZ started at the Makos in downtown Tampa. There were many special events and one ofs in various clubs far too many to list here.

I was the Director of the Tampa Rock Pool record pool for a few years and in time even earned the honor of distinction as "DJ of the Year" as recognized by the Florida Suncoast record pool.

I was named to the Billboard dance Panel as a reporter, a real honor in it's glory days, but now that distinction has very little real value. As club owners featured me in radio ads it caught the attention of Radio legend Marc Chase who recruited me as I was at the peak of the Club DJ scene, winning Club DJ of the year that year. I started as a mixer for the Power Pig in 1990 doing the Toast and Jam morning mix show and the midday Lunch jam. Eventually the Friday night mix show was created for me in Tampa and I pulled huge numbers for the juggernaut station on Friday nights mixing "Live" on Friday nights.

In 1998, I became Music Director for WFLZ in Tampa; was awarded music director of the year nationally... 2002 brought about a new challenge each Friday with the addition of the Weekend rollout show a "Live" mix show featuring my talents from 4:45 PM - 6:00 PM every Friday.

My real mentor was Grand Mix Master Kurt "K.O.T.O" Curtis who taught me most of what I know today. Above all he taught me to always remain a professional. We have remained very close friends to this day.


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