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I recently retired from the Sparks, NV Police Dept. after 18 years. Prior to that I worked for the Reno Police dept. for 5 years. Reno and Sparks are like the "Twin Cities". You can't tell when you leave one city and step into the other. I'm now employed by a small police dept. about 20 miles from Reno. I'm a sergeant. I supervise, patrol, counsel, encourage, train, and worry about the 20 "very" young cops who work for me. Some are Iraq and Afgan war vets. Bravest men I've ever known ... they all are. I spent a lot of time dreaming about retirement. I always wanted to retire and play the oldies at a little station near the beach. Maybe do a little production. I still "have it" when it comes to the air talent part, but where are the stations?

Waiting to retire, and play the "oldies."


I was working at KEIN in Great Falls Montana. I was told by PD Wayne Coffey to break in the new kid tonight as the new partimer. The kid showed up. Collar length dutch boy hair cut, a black, sort of mustache, and a pack of Salems. All of about 19 or 20 something... We became great friends. He paid attention to everything I taught him. He learned fast, and much on his own. We'd go up on the hill at night and try to listen to the stations like C-Fun in Vancouver, KFI, and KHJ in LA. We'd hang out till all hours of the night and drink a little Scotch ... And tell each other how good the other was, and that some say we'd make it. Well, my trainee. The kid. My buddy, Lorrin Palagi did make it. I just read he's started his own company in Dallas, TX. Still broadcasting after all these years. And I still call him my friend.


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