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Wes S. Henderson remembers:
My radio career allowed me to complete my college education at Oregon State University, Nijenorde University in Holland, and the University of Oregon (B.S. 1968). But, Boy, was it fun! At KFLY (today KEJO) and KRKT (today KTHH) in Corvallis and Albany I enjoyed exceptional associates.

I am grateful for the stories listeners have shared with me for decades after we grew up together.

I moved to the San Francisco Area in 1968 and retired in 2005 after a successful business and civic career in Silicon Valley high tech. Today, I am retired and live in Walnut Creek, CA where I am actively looking for three more guys to play some doubles! And, maybe, now that I have the time -- I just might look for a way to get back on the air and have a little fun!

It was not until decades later did I understand my disabilities in reading and language. Radio made a tremendous difference in my life because I had to read commercials and news out-loud -- and, more or less, get it right. This auditory work helped me overcome my language disability, become a better speller, and required me to attack the pronunciation of words. I also became an effective and confident public speaker, which enabled much of my success in the business world.

I am grateful to all my fellow broadcasters and listeners who made this possible, but most of all to Bud Deller (KCOV-Corvallis) who inspired me and my late brother, Jamie, who preceded me at KFLY.

I remember getting an annual Christmas card from Elvis and the Colonel. To have met artists like Peter, Paul, & Mary, The Letterman, The Highwaymen, and then to have been a part of presenting the arrival of the Beatles, the British Invasion, and our own Beach Boys, was pretty heady stuff for a kid from Corvallis.

Most of all, it was a lot of fun.


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