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I have run these websites ( started in 1995) using the same political attitude I always used when I was on the radio, trying very hard to not stray too hard to the left or the right -- aiming right down the middle.

Not anymore. The 2016 election of Donald Trump to POTUS was hard to accept after watching him bully and lie his way to power. His total lack of sympathy for those less fortunate than him, his lack of empathy for any opinion other that his own, his complete lack of respect for women and his willingness to destroy, by any means possible, those who oppose(d) him, has convinced me, like it has so many of my fellow Americans, to speak up. The more our voices are raised, the better our chances become of bringing this would-be despot down and ending this national embarassment.

So, I am shining some light on those sites that I think are getting it said the best. It’s my attempt to help you through the BS (Jon Stewart says bullshit is the New Official Language of the U.S.) to get at the facts -- the real facts about this POTUS and his amateur-hour wrecking crew.

For starters:
trumpdujour03.html, a daily poke at the Bully in Chief. Donald Trump page and The Washington Post Trump Fact Checker will help you maintain your sanity. Consult them after any and all Trump statements.

✔How Donald Trump, Julian Assange and Russia are connected, and how they changed the election. lays it out in frightening detail.

✔What, exactly, is Fake News. Here is an up-to-date list of sites.

✔And if you are ready to act, Do These 10 Things, and Trump Will be Toast: Michael Moore says, “...I’m convinced we’ll succeed in halting the dark force that is Trump. We can tie him up in knots at every turn, and eventually, we can bring him down.”

✔Quote of the week: We are going to be living with Obamacare for the foreseeable future.: House Speaker Paul Ryan conceded the biggest defeat of his political career: Republicans have failed to repeal and replace Obamacare. (

✔Story of the week: Russiagate is Now Escalating as Fast as the AHCA Crumbled: The pattern so far in this whole story has been that whenever Trump and his surrogates try to minimize what they can’t outright suppress, it escalates instead. Historian Douglas Brinkley, who is nobody’s idea of a wild-eyed conspiracy theorist, said the previously unsayable this week: “There’s a smell of treason in the air.” (

✔Billboard of the week:
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Santa Monica artist Karen Fiorito said she has a “real fear” of the direction of the country politically under Trump. She said the dollar signs imitating Nazi swastikas originally were designed by New York artist Hugh Gran for her 2004 Bush presidency billboard, but she believes they were appropriate for use in this piece as well.

Mar 25
Trump supporter thought president would only deport ‘bad hombres.’ Instead, her husband is being deported.: When Helen Beristain told her husband she was voting for Donald Trump last year, he warned her that the Republican nominee planned to “get rid of the Mexicans.” Defending her vote, Helen quoted Trump directly, noting that the tough-talking Republican said he would only kick the “bad hombres” out of the country, according to the South Bend Tribune. Now, Roberto Beristain — a successful businessman, respected member of his Indiana town and father of three American-born children — languishes in a detention facility with hardened criminals as he awaits his deportation back to Mexico, the country he left in 1998 when he entered the United States illegally. (

A new dynamic may be emerging in the House: A right and left flank within the GOP willing to buck leadership: This new combination, with Ryan’s right and left flanks willing to buck him and the new president, presents deep concern for the long-term effort to take up the more complicated effort to overhaul the corporate and individual tax codes. (

Why Republicans were in such a hurry on health care: The GOP didn’t want to let a detail like tens of millions of people losing their health insurance get in the way of two tax cuts for the rich. (

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Mar 24
Trump's art of no deal: Find someone to blame: Lacking sufficient support, Republicans were forced to pull their bill to replace Obamacare from the floor of the GOP-controlled House. Speaking soon after accepting defeat, Trump didn’t shoulder the responsibility himself, nor did he pin the blame on House GOP leadership or any of the warring Republican factions' whose competing demands ultimately sunk any chance of a consensus bill. Instead, he blamed Democrats and vowed to let Obamacare "explode". (

President Trump’s false claims about Obamacare, wiretapping and … his own false claims : The latest fact-checking update from The Washington Post. (

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Mar 21
This German reporter took on Trump. Now she’s being hailed at home for her harsh question: She asked Trump how can he decry “fake news,” yet at the same time spread apparently false accusations, including that former president Barack Obama had wiretapped him? In the U.S., journalists applauded Dunz, along with a fellow German journalist who followed up with more hard questions, for doing what the Americans hadn’t. “The German press shamed us,” Politico’s Tara Palmeri tweeted. (

The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah: Forget Trump, Fox News Is the ‘Real President’: “Yes, since Fox got rid of the woman who was coming between them and Trump (Megyn Kelly), they’ve since been on a long honeymoon with the president.” Aside from the Golf Strippers Network, he joked that Fox News is the president’s favorite channel. Trump has “been on Fox so much, he’s almost been sexually assaulted by Roger Ailes,” he added. (

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Mar 20
Trump’s constant vacations are costing Palm Beach County and its businesses, big league: Trump has personally assured the Palm Beach County sheriff that he understands the costs his visits are imposing on the sheriff’s office and that “I’m going to take care of law enforcement,” which is an assurance worth ... absolutely nothing. (

The Trump-Russia Story Has Only Just Begun (To Explode): Not since Richard Nixon’s Watergate scandal has an investigative hearing made it so clear that a presidency was in serious legal peril. (

FBI: No wiretap evidence found: Comey delivered an implicit rebuke to President Donald Trump, saying that he had “no information” to support claims by the President that he was wiretapped on the orders of predecessor Barack Obama. (

FBI Director Comey confirms probe of possible coordination between Kremlin and Trump campaign: FBI Director James B. Comey acknowledged that his agency is conducting an investigation into possible coordination between the Kremlin and the Trump campaign in a counterintelligence probe that could reach all the way to the White House and may last for months. (

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Mar 19
Neil DeGrasse Tyson Twitter Bombs Trump: “No, Donald Trump won’t listen. But if enough Trump voters who care about their country and their world opt to step out of ignorance and join the people’s Resistance, we will be that much closer to the end of Trump’s era of greed and hate. And it will end.” That was the message in a series of eight short tweets the renown science communicator sent out on Sunday: The Fastest Way To Make America Sick, Stupid & Weak... (

Germany rejects Trump’s claim it owes NATO ‘vast sums’: Berlin’s defense budget has long been below NATO’s target of 2 percent of a member’s gross domestic product. German Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen said Sunday that “there’s no debtor's account at NATO,” adding: “To tie the 2 percent of defense spending, which we want to achieve in the middle of the next decade, only to NATO, is wrong.” (

Rep. Schiff: ‘Circumstantial Evidence of Collusion’ Between Trump Campaign, Russia: “There is certainly enough for us to conduct an investigation,” he added. “The American people have a right to know and in order to defend ourselves, we need to know whether the circumstantial evidence of collusion and direct evidence of deception is indicative of more.” (

The Story of 2 Families and the Real-life Impact of Obamacare Repeal: Two families live 30 miles apart, and have never met each other. But their stories show how the 2010 health care law has created both “winners” and “losers” ― and what Republican repeal efforts, now underway, would mean for each. (

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Mar 18
Almost No One Likes The New GOP Health Care Bill And many people hate it. The public opposes the bill released by House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) and backed by President Donald Trump by a 21-point margin ― 45 percent to 24 percent ― according to the survey, with 31 percent unsure. (

There’s still no White House ‘investigation’ of Trump’s voter fraud claims. Go figure. Despite insistence that widespread voter fraud exists and pledges to investigate the matter fully, it seems the Trump administration has not bothered to contact top state election officials across the country. (,

Trump wants the forgotten men and women to stay forgotten: “The forgotten men and women of our country will be forgotten no longer,” Trump vowed in his inaugural address. “Everyone is listening to you now.” They are? The Republican health-care plan that Trump endorsed and the budget he just submitted cater more to the interests of the billionaires Trump chose for his Cabinet than to the lower-income, rural and older voters who formed the backbone of his electoral support. (

Rep. Maxine Waters talks potential Trump impeachment: The congresswoman affectionately known to millennials as ‘Auntie Maxine,’ joins Joy Reid on the details she believes will emerge leading to the impeachment of Donald Trump. (

Donald Trump's words are catching up to his presidency: after nearly two months in office, Trump is running up against more suspicious constituencies. Institutions he promised to conquer have shown themselves to be less inclined to forgive his missteps and foreign governments, including close allies like the UK, are making their concerns known. (

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Mar 17
Reporting or commentary? Napolitano claim shows Fox's blurry line An uncorroborated segment on Fox & Friends has sparked an international incident. At issue: Whether Judge Andrew Napolitano’s anonymous sources were right about former President Obama using the British to spy on President Trump. (

Why is the Trump presidency such a rolling disaster?: When Republicans imagined having a president of their own and control of Congress, they thought it would be a nonstop string of legislative achievements and improvements to government, bringing an inspiring new era of efficiency and effectiveness that showed Americans what the GOP was really capable of. That is not quite how things are working out. (

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Mar 16
TRUMP, DEFEATED AGAIN ON THE TRAVEL BAN, IS STILL TRAPPED IN HIS CAMPAIGN: Nearly two months into Trump’s Presidency, his Administration is still reënacting the central dramas of the campaign. In the hearings and protests over the Muslim ban, Trump’s insistence that the United States is in a civilizational struggle has been met by a basic alarm about religious discrimination, just as it was during the general election. (

Trump’s Budget Guts the EPA and Help for Poor Seniors. It’s a Perfect Symbol of His Administration.: The budget plan that the Trump administration released Thursday is a sad, vicious, and mostly pointless document, the political and policy equivalent of shouting “America First!” to the wind while gunning your Dodge pickup into a lamppost. (

Michael Flynn received nearly $34,000 to attend event with Putin: A House committee investigating former national security adviser Michael Flynn revealed today that Flynn received tens of thousands of dollars in 2015 from RT, the state-run Russian television network. (

Ryan, Senate Intel committee see no evidence of Trump wiretap: The speaker of the House, the Senate Intelligence Committee chairman and the ranking Democrat on the committee said Thursday that they’ve seen no evidence of President Donald Trump’s accusation that he was wiretapped last year by his predecessor. “We have not seen any evidence that there was a wiretap or a (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) court order against Trump Tower or somebody in Trump Tower,” Speaker Paul Ryan said in an interview Thursday on CNN's “The Situation Room” with Wolf Blitzer. (

Rep. Lieu: We have a 'ridiculous' president: Representative Ted Lieu, D-Calif. says President Trump is “basically lying” in his wiretapping accusations. (

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Mar 15
Republicans are threatening to expose Trump as the emperor with no clothes: It’s almost as though Republicans are tired of having President Trump’s evidence-free allegations laid at their feet. Almost. (

‘Mortally wounded’ Republican health plan starts moving backwards: The Republican health care bill isn’t just struggling; in the wake of a brutal Congressional Budget Office report, “Trumpcare” is actually losing ground when its proponents expected to be making progress. (

The cost of failure on health care? It may be the rest of Trump’s agenda.: With the bill facing strong resistance on multiple fronts, Trump’s effort to shepherd it through Congress is shaping up as a pivotal test of an un­or­tho­dox president’s ability to wield influence in Washington, a growing number of Republicans say. (

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miamiherald       and

Mar 13
American Citizens: U.S. Border Agents Can Search Your Cellphone: American citizens said that CBP officers at airports and border crossings demanded that they hand over their phones and their passwords, or unlock them. (

CBO report: 14 million fewer insured by 2018 under GOP health care law: The long-anticipated score from the Congressional Budget Office immediately puts the writers and supporters of the GOP Obamacare bill on the defensive. It is also certain to complicate the party’s already troubled efforts to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. (

Spicer: Trump didn't mean wiretapping when he tweeted about wiretapping: White House press secretary Sean Spicer’s attempts to be condescending continue to make him sound like an uneducated idiot. (

There are 'microwaves that turn into cameras': Kellyanne Conway is out of her cage again. (

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Mar 12
McCain on Trump-Russia probes: 'Lot of shoes to drop from this centipede': Senator John McCain suggested Sunday “there’s a lot of shoes to drop” once more information is known about President Donald Trump and his associates’ ties to Russia. (

The Tell-Tale Tweet: If FDR’s fireside chats are the pinnacle of presidential communication, then Donald Trump’s fiery tweets must assuredly be the nadir. Instead of calmly guiding the nation through perilous times like FDR, Trump is turning stability into turmoil, and exacerbating it with terrifying tweets. (

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John Williams, Honolulu, Hawaii